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If you are looking for protection from wind blown debris, water intrusion, sandblasting or intruders as well as wildlife intruders, rolling shutters is the way to go. With roll down shutters you can have either a manual crank system or an electric motor drive.

  • Flush-mounted systems – great for new buildings and are usually installed during original construction phase
  • Front-mounted window shutters – best if installed after the construction phase so you can decide at a later date

When you choose AluminX to install your roll down shutters you can be rest assured you will have state of the art workmanship along with top of the line materials. Having roll down shutters can achieve many goals for your home as well:

  • Protection from wind blown debris
  • Avoid spending money on replacing broken glass
  • May reduce deductible and insurance premiums
  • Blends to compliment the exterior look of home
  • Easy to operate
  • Impact rated and compliant with building code

In addition your home will be protected from sun, heat, noise and extreme weather. If you own a business roll shutters can provide the ultimate protection for a business as well. Since roll down shutters will protect from sun, you will also have some relief on cooling costs for your home.

Roll down shutters have been reviewed and approved by County codes, State and US Building codes so you can have peace of mind knowing they have the seal of approval!

Contact AluminX now at 239-354-2511 and have peace of mind knowing the professionals are there to protect your home!

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