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Choosing storm protection can be a decision that takes a lot of research. That’s why at AluminX you are in the hands of professionals. If you are concerned about a disability putting unnecessary pressure on the walls of your house, AluminX will tell you that fabric storm panels would be the perfect choice.

Made up of a lightweight woven fabric coated with a PVC synthetic material will give the protection you are looking for while still having the benefits of hurricane shutters. There are many advantages in having fabric storm panels:

  • Easy to handle
  • Goes up and down quickly
  • Because it is translucent material allows light in the home
  • Easy storage by rolling up and folding

This fabric is reviewed and accepted by county, State and US building codes as well as ASTM international hurricane protection as providing sufficient protection against wind blown debris. Blowing over miles per hour!

AluminX will have a consultation with you to help you determine which type would be best for your home and lifestyle:

  • Grommet – If you enjoy doing it yourself, this would be the choice. Materials that the panels attach to are put up on your home and you can put up and take down and roll up for storage.
  • Rolling Screen – A device is permanently attached to your home that permanently attached device located above your windows or doors which can be lowered easily.
  • Slide Screen – Panels would be slide into brackets and mounted to your home.

If you are searching for an easy to use affordable product to protect your home, contact AluminX today at 239-354-2511 and start enjoying SW Florida weather all year round!

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