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Get Ready for Hurricane Season 2018.  Protect your Florida Gulf Coast Home or business with hurricane shutters by AluminX of Naples.  Engineered to withstand winds up to 180 miles per hour, AluminX provides the best protective shutters in the industry.

June 1 through November 30 is Gulf Coast Hurricane Season.  Be Ready.

Customized to fit any any size window, Protective shutters by AluminX shield your windows from rain, storm and damage caused by high winds.  Not all openings are treated the same, windows and doorways may need one type of shutter while your sliding glass door may need another.  It is imperative to meet with you AluminX consultant to discuss and strategize your home and business protection plan.

Rapid Storm Shutter Deployment means you can protect your entire home or business in about five to ten minutes.

Roll Up Hurricane Shutters instantly protect large and small windows, patio doors and Accordian Hurricane shutters will instantly protect sliding glass doors, french doors, bay windows and any large easily accessible enclosure from hurricane forces.

Roll Up Shutters, Accordian Hurricane  Shutters, Aluminum Bahama Hurricane Shutters and Colonial Style Storm Shutters can fully deploy in minutes with No Tools, No Ladders, and No Need for help.

If a storm shutter is damaged, the damaged slats can be completely removed and a new one installed if there is even the slightest of damage.  Unlike hurricane windows, if there is damage to a hurricane damaged window, then the whole window must be replaced.

Hurricane Shutters and Storm Shutters also double as Security Shutters, which are extremely difficult to break into when fully deployed and locked.  Hurricane shutters secure against break-ins and give you peace of mind your property is secure for hurricane force winds when you are away.

Rolling Shutters, Accordian Shutters, and Aluminum Bahama Hurricane Shutters keep direct sun out of your house or business.  They protect against extreme temperature and damaging UV rays that fade floors and furniture.

Shutters provide excellent lighting control, meaning your bedroom can be almost completely dark anytime you want.  Shutters are also great for minimizing undesirable noise from outside.  Easy to operate with a flip of the switch or manual operation, you will love all the benefits your shutters have to offer.

You can depend on AluminX to do an excellent job for you.  Contact AluminX for a free no obligation quote.

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